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Penrose Check-In Service providers assess 150 items across 7-Factors regarding your loved-one’s well being.  They personally visit your aging loved-ones, assess their well-being, and immediately deliver a detailed report to you, complete with images and video to support the findings.

We spoke to founder and CEO Rhonda Harper about Penrose Check-In Services and the opportunity she sees in the 50+ market.

Longevity Network: What does Penrose Check-In Services do?

Rhonda Harper: We provide Penrose Senior Check-In Services. Today we offer the Carechecks: our independent service providers personally visit seniors, assess their quality of life using our proprietary app on their smartphone, and immediately deliver a thorough report, complete with findings, media, and suggestions, back to clients who are generally the seniors’ adult child.  If clients are selecting a senior living community for their senior but cannot visit it personally, our auditors will visit it for them, assess the common areas, and email the report.

LN: Can you tell us about the platform and how it works? 

RH: Our proprietary Penrose App enables and supports the entire Penrose business, from on-boarding clients and auditors to conducting the audits and providing the reports. For the service provider, it is a tap and click system, making each check-in objective and standardized. For the client, it allows them to see an overview scorecard, in-depth narrative on more than 150 assessed items, and review supporting suggestions and supporting media. From an administrative point of view, clients and auditors are connected, financial payments are made, and work-flow managed.

LN: What opportunity did you see that you wanted to address with the creation of Penrose Check-In Services?

RH: When my father was in assisted living, I noticed his level of care and service decreased when I wasn’t there regularly and frequently. I also noticed that most of the time I was the only visitor checking in on their loved one. I decided to found Penrose to improve the quality of life among all seniors and provide peace of mind to their family members that they are okay.

LN: What shortcomings did existing caregiving engagement platforms have?

RH: That’s easy – there wasn’t a senior care auditing field. We created it along with systems, certifications, tools, and technologies to support it. Videos and monitors capture a limited field of activity and aren’t able to smell odors, feel temperatures, or interact with the senior. Emerging technologies, such as those detecting falls, are wonderful but are limited in what they report.

LN: Who are your users?

RH: Our clients are generally the adult child(ren) of the senior. They may not be able to visit frequently due to distance, family/work responsibilities, or other issues and so they hire us to check-in for them. Or, they may live nearby their senior and visit often but want to offload some of the responsibility to us.

LN: How did you assemble your team?

RH: I have had the pleasure of working with and alongside some amazing people over the years. I am thrilled that many of them have decided to join the Penrose team!  Our providers tend to be former nurses, nursing assistants, social workers, teachers, and other professionals who want purposeful, meaningful work with flexibility and strong pay.

LN: How has what happened with the platform differed from what you envisioned would happen?

RH: The platform has become a key factor is our ability to scale. Moreover, its agile development has allowed us to create additional services simply and efficiently.

LN: What do you wish you had known before developing the Penrose Check-In Services platform?

RH: We had operated the business for over a year using spreadsheets, online survey tools, telephones, and email. After spending thousands of hours understanding the needs of prospects, auditors, and clients, we had a solid understanding of what the Penrose App needed to deliver. Providing opportunities for stakeholder feedback during its development even made it better.

LN: What most excites you about health tech market? 

RH: The most exciting thing about being in the health tech market is that we are making a real difference in improving the quality of life among seniors – and providing peace of mind to their families.

LN: What is your best piece of advice for startups who want to include or target the caregiving market?

RH: There is enough room for improvement in the senior/caregiving space for all of us to be successful. Just go for it.

LN: Where do you see Penrose Check-In Services five years from now?

RH: Our vision for Penrose is to continue to deliver excellent service, expand internationally, and provide additional check-in services.

LN: What health or wellness technology do you hope exists by the time you retire?

RH: Penrose!!

Rhonda Harper is an experienced Fortune 100 data-driven, creatively-inspired, and results-oriented general management, business development, sales, marketing and communications senior executive who has demonstrated the ability to drive change, lead diverse teams, and deliver organic growth in a variety of highly competitive industries.  Harper’s entrepreneurial drive and creativity – with the proven ability to focus on key success factors and continuous improvements for increasing revenues, improving profitability, and increasing customer/consumer satisfaction – has led her to launch several new business categories and successful companies, including Penrose Check-In Services. She is a sought-after speaker and the author of two books.

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