American Geriatrics Society Selects Penrose Check-In Services as Top 10 Start Up for Seniors

The American Geriatrics Society selected Penrose Check-In Services as a Top 10  Start-Up for Seniors, a prestigious award acknowledged at its Annual Scientific Meeting 2016.

“We are proud to be recognized by the American Geriatrics Society for our work to improve the lives of seniors and their families,” says Rhonda Harper, Penrose Founder & CEO.

AGS 2016

Penrose Check-In Services visits seniors and assesses 150 items across quality-of-life factors: Senior Well-Being, Safety, Cleanliness, Comfort, Maintenance, Supplies, and Caregiver Observations.

About Penrose Check-In Services

Penrose Check-In Services of Dallas, TX provides the first and only nationwide tech/app-enabled senior care auditing solution, called Penrose Check-Ins, to ensure seniors are okay while providing families peace-of-mind.

About The American Geriatrics Society

The American Geriatrics Society (AGS) is a nationwide, not-for-profit society of geriatrics healthcare professionals dedicated to improving the health, independence, and quality of life of older people. Its nearly 6,000 members include geriatricians, geriatric nurses, social workers, family practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists, and internists.

AGS provides leadership to healthcare professionals, policymakers, and the public by implementing and advocating for programs in patient care, research, professional  and public education, and public policy.