Service providers visit seniors and perform Carechecks. Carechecks take about 20-30 minutes to complete using the App powered by Penrose Check-In Services.

A 'tap and click' system, there is no writing or client contact required. The App transforms provider inputs to a scorecard and narrative.

Once the Carecheck is complete and the provider clicks 'submit,' all work is finished.


Service providers determine the maximum number of Carechecks per month they want, what zip codes they serve, and whether they will visit private residences, senior living communities, or both. Providers have the opportunity to accept or reject any assignment.

All of these parameters may be changed monthly.


Service providers must complete a brief online training program regarding how to use the Carecheck App and perform the service.

The one-time fee for the training is $19.99. The 1-2 hour program must be completed within one week.

Providers will then complete the online profile so that clients may select them as their provider.


Earnings & Payment

Service providers are paid $30 per Carecheck completed. Each Carecheck takes 20-30 minutes. All service provider payments are made using PayPal® to the email on file. Payments are processed the first week of the month following the services provided.


Clients are generally the senior's adult child(ren), although they can be guardians, friends, family members, senior living management, or caregivers. Providers may solicit their own clients or wait for clients to sign up online and select them.

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Carecheck Services

Carechecks may be performed for any individual, albeit somewhat tailored for seniors. Foster children, the disabled, and other vulnerable individuals may also benefit.