Rhonda Harper, Founder and CEO, created the senior care auditing name and service in 2013, launching Penrose in January of 2014.  She founded Penrose based on her personal experiences with her aging father as she struggled to care for him in Assisted Living. She is a former Fortune 50 Chief Marketing Officer, successful Serial Entrepreneur, University Adjunct MBA Professor, and high school math teacher. Rhonda began her business career in brand management and marketing with Johnson & Johnson and Nabisco. Later, she became the VP of Marketing for VF Corporation, Global Marketing Communications Director for UPS, and the Chief Marketing Officer for Walmart/Sam’s Club. She received an MBA from Emory University Goizueta Business School, where she was the Vice President and, later, on the Alumni Board of Directors. Married 30 years to husband Jim, together they have one grown daughter and two dogs. 

No. Our services are not medical so we cannot accept these payment types.

Possibly. You may want to check with them as what we provide helps detect issues that, if not caught, can lead to medical issues. Or, possibly your pre-tax healthcare account may cover.

Penrose Check-In Services has General and Professional Liability Insurance. We strongly suggest that our Partners Insurance. If insured, it will be mentioned in their Profile.

Absolutely. When you sign up you will let us know which days/times your senior is home. We check-in according to that schedule. Either your senior, or someone else, must allow us in to the home.

If we are working on your behalf, it is the law that they must let us in to see your senior. Only the senior, or you, our client, can prevent us from conducting the Check-In.

Penrose created the senior care auditing service and the accompanying certification program in 2013. It is the original and has received accolades from the AARP, American Geriatrics Society, and Cartier. 

There is no authoritative certifying organization for senior care auditing accreditation. There are only certifying bodies for online learning. We use the most advanced online learning platform available.

Probably not, unless you explicitly want our Providers to check-in and tell people why they are there (you can put this in your senior’s profile). We don’t interact with the facility’s caregivers or managers. The Provider simply walks around and enters information into her or his smartphone. 

Yes. You may enter multiple credit cards when paying for the services. Also, you may provide your log-in account information to as many people as you wish. 

Yes, we have an “A” rating.

Yes.  Anytime. The change goes into effect the following month. Simply click on “My Account” on the home page and make your changes.

Yes.  Anytime. The change goes into effect the following month. Simply click on “My Account” on the home page and make your changes.

The minute the check-in is completed, we email you with a link to your account where you may read your report. 

Easy. The only way to hire a Penrose Provider is on our website. If she or he is listed, they are PenroseCertified®!

No! Our law firm Sheef & Stone, Dallas, TX, made sure of that. 

Pyramid schemes make their money through recruiting more consultants and selling required inventories and business supplies. Not by selling products and services to actual clients.

Penrose is different. Our corporate headquarters and our Partners only make money when we provide our services to seniors. There is no required inventory or business expenses except the $189 for Providers (pays for the background check and certification program) and $99 for Business Developers (pays for orientation program). 

Sure. Just call 800-805-4096.

It’s simple:
  1. Login to “My Account”
  2. Click on the Senior that you want to cancel services for
  3. Click the “Edit Senior” button in the top right
  4. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page
  5. Click the “Cancel Account” button 

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