Who provides the Carechecks?

Independent service providers who have been trained to use the Carecheck App, powered by Penrose Check-In Services, perform the Carechecks.

What is Penrose Check-In Services?

Penrose is the originator of the senior care auditing service. Specifically, Penrose is a software company that provides tech-enabled solutions to improve the quality of life among seniors.

Penrose won the best start-up by AARP at the Health Tech Innovation@50+ 2016. It was also recognized as a top 10 start up by the American Geriatrics Society. Its founder and ceo, Rhonda Harper, was recognized by Cartier and McKinsey & Co. as one of the top three social entrepreneurs in North America 2017 as a result of her work with Penrose. Rhonda Harper is a former Fortune 100 Chief Marketing Officer, Adjunct MBA Professor, and successful serial entrepreneur who created the service in 2013 as a result of personal experiences with her aging father.

How does payment work?

When clients sign up for service, a credit or debit card payment is collected by Penrose for the services to be performed over the following 30 days. At the end of 30-days, Penrose pays the independent service providers for the number of Carechecks completed. If for any reason the total number of Carechecks were not performed, any outstanding balance is refunded to the client within 30 days.

Can I cancel or change my plan?

Yes, at any time. It goes into effect the following the current 30-day period. Otherwise, it auto-renews for the following 30-days. To change or cancel, simply go to your account and click "Edit Senior." Scroll down and change the number of Carechecks for the following month or click cancel.

How do I know if the provider actually visited my loved-one?

When the provider logs into the Penrose App, it automatically geo-locates them during the visit.

How long does a Carecheck take to complete?

Generally, Carechecks take about 20-30 minutes to complete.

When do providers conduct the Carecheck?

If your loved-one is in a private residence, you will let them know which days and day parts they may visit.

If your loved-one is in a senior community, they visit at their discretion.

Where can I learn more about becoming a Provider?

Click here.

What is Penrose's contact info?

Penrose Check-In Services, LLC

6333 E. Mockingbird Lane, #147-468

Dallas, TX 75214