Become an Independent Consultant and Live Your Best Life by Helping Others Do the Same.

No territory restrictions. Refer others to become Consultants and receive a commission on revenue they generate. Provide services, generate clients, or both. Questions? Click here for Penrose Policies & Procedures.

Penrose Support

  • Penrose Learning System: provides online information, education, and training 
  • Penrose App: the software that houses Client and Consultant accounts, matches Clients and Consultants, and houses and the Check-In program(s)
  • provides optional free and paid business, marketing, and sales tips, tools, and tactics
Questions? Click here.

How to Get Started

  1. Select your Consultant type (service provider or business developer or both)
  2. Purchase the Program 
  3. Complete the Penrose Certification / Orientation Program
  4. If a Provider, create account and upload your Profile into the Penrose App so that Clients can select you as their Provider
  5. Receive ID  number for referral tracking (unique URLs also available)
  6. Receive password for support services

1. Service Provider Consultant - Flexible, Meaningful, and Needed

Independent Providers visit seniors and perform our Check-In service (the “Care-Check”) using our proprietary software App. Providers become PenroseCertified® by purchasing and completing the online Penrose Certification Program. It includes all of the information, education, and training necessary to provide services.  It also includes the required background check, conducted by an outsourced company.

  • Program Fee: $69 Apply Now
  • Full-time, part-time, and/or add to your current service offerings
  • Earn $25 per ~20-minute Check-In you provide
  • Earn $2.50 for each Check-In your personally Sponsored Consultants provide (those Consultants you refer to Penrose)

2. Business Development Consultant - Growth Market, Lucrative

Independent Business Developers generate clients who are generally the family members of the seniors we serve.  Business Developers purchase and complete the brief online Penrose Orientation Program which provides the information necessary to represent Penrose.

  • Program Fee: $99 Apply Now
  • Earn $7.50 commission on every Check-In service provided to the senior of a client you generate
  • Earn $3.75 commission for every Check-In  service provided to a senior of a client generated by your personally Sponsored Consultants
  • Purchase the online Penrose Orientation Program, which will provide you with the information necessary to represent Penrose

3. General Consultant

General Consultants do business development and provide services, earning an aggregate compensation from both activities and downlines.

Penrose Support

Supply / Demand Management

Tips, Tools & Tactics

Technology / Applications

Support Services

Penrose does not make any guaranteed income claims. 


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