Partners and Services

Penrose Check-In Services provides the Penrose Care-Check comprised of assessing 150 items across 7 Quality-of-Life Factors: Well-Being, Safety, Comfort, Cleanliness, Maintenance, Supplies, and Caregiver Observations.

The Penrose Partner Provider makes observations of each item and inputs their findings into the Penrose App. For example, if assessing the ‘Cleanliness’ of a bathroom, the provider has a series of options from which to choose:

  • Satisfactory

Or (select as many as necessary)

  • The sink is not clean
  • The floor is not clean
  • The bath/shower is not clean
  • The toilet is not clean
  • Etc.

Then, the proprietary Penrose algorithm scores each result and compiles a scorecard and narrative report. It is NOT a subjective “rose” rating by the Provider.


care-check overview

Penrose Partner Providers are independent professionals who provide our services. They are the heart of what we do. Most have college degrees and have been in a social services field of some type prior to coming to Penrose. They are people with passion and purpose who want to make a meaningful difference. All are background checked and certified by Penrose.

Penrose Partners with leading companies to ensure seniors are okay and receiving the care and services they need. Some of the companies that we have worked with over the years include hose in the image to the right.