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1 in 6 Employees Struggle

Being responsible for an aging loved-one lowers work productivity by nearly 20%. Penrose’s services help you by helping them. 

Reduce Healthcare Costs: Seventy percent of employees report additional stress and illness due to their responsibility for aging parent(s). 

Recruit and Retain Loyal Employees: More than 70% of working caregivers made some type of job change to accommodate their need to check-in on their aging parent(s).

Improve Engagement and Productivity: Employees with aging loved-ones miss an average of 6 ‘extra’ work days per year due to checking on them.

It’s important to use the term “family caregiver” as once people identify themselves this way they can more easily get help.
Susan Reinhard, Senior Vice President and Director
AARP Public Policy Institute

What You Can Do To Help

Add Penrose Check-In Services to Your Caregiver Resource List
Resource List
Add Penrose Check-In Services to Your EAP or Online Platform
Provide as Support
Provide Penrose Check-In Services as an Optional Benefit
Allow a Specific Number of Check-Ins Per Month, Quarter, or Year


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