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Penrose is there for them, and for you. Our Providers visit private residences and senior living communities to ensure your loved-ones are okay and receiving the care and services they need. As a monthly subscription service, you can change or cancel anytime. 

Your loved-ones may have caregivers, or not. Live alone, or not. Reside in a private home or senior living community (e.g. assisted living, skilled nursing / nursing home, memory care, etc.).  

Your private, secure online account includes:
  • Account Details
  • Report Archives
  • Care-Check Report complete with an algorithmically, objectively (tech) scored ‘report card’ and drop-down narratives, media supports, and suggestions
Penrose Providers of the service have been background checked, trained, and certified to ensure standardization of assessments across seniors and clients. The algorithm has been programmed to standards set by the geriatrics and medical communities. You can rest sure that you are getting the information you need.


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How to Get Started

Female Client or Partner

1. Sign up for service

Select your Provider and determine how many Penrose Check-Ins you want over the next 30 days.

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From $60 per Care-Check.

2. Penrose Care-Check

Your certified Penrose Provider visits your senior and conducts the Care-Check, which takes about 25 minutes.

Change or Cancel Anytime

Month-to-Month Subscription

3. Receive Your Report

Receive a email link that your Care-Check Report is available in your online account. You decide what, if any, actions to take.

Penrose is There

For them and for you.

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Founded for very personal reasons, we are now a nationwide team of people with passion and purpose to make a difference.

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Penrose is the proud recipient of many leading senior and entrepreneurial awards and accolades. 

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Everything Penrose is and does is designed to improve the quality of life among seniors, our clients, and our partners. 

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I don't know what I would have done without Penrose Check-In Services. I had been responsible for my mother, who is in a senior living community, for years. I love her, but the stress was getting to me. I was at the end of my rope and my health and relationships were suffering. That's a hard thing to admit. But, I'm glad I did. Now I visit a couple times a month and Penrose fills in the gaps for me. I feel like I was there, though, because the reports are so detailed and thorough. I'm back to myself now and when I do visit I can just focus on us.

Colleen M.

Penrose Care-Check

Month-to-Month Subscription / Change or Cancel Anytime
$ 60 ea 4+ Care-Checks per Month
  • $65 ea / 3 Care-Checks per Month
  • $70 ea / 2 Care-Checks per Month
  • $75 ea / 1 Care-Check per Month

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